Grydl Analytics

We recognize that as a blockchain professional, continuous information flow is your greatest asset.

To make better decisions, you need constant up-to-date information including:

  • Daily information published on websites
  • Posts on social media
  • Some recent statistics

Do you find that your daily blockchain information research is hindered by :

Lack of time

Collecting information from thousands of sources takes too long

Volume of information

There are simply too many headlines to process

Information relevance

Separating useful information from the noise is tough


Our platform helps blockchain professionals find relevant blockchain information and save time.

How Grydl Analytics works:

Information aggregator

We aggregate raw information from multiple blockchain sources.

Customized criteria

You customize your dashboard with your own relevant criteria.

Powerful search engine

You filter and find interesting blockchain information with a simple search bar.

+2000 + Sources collected every day.
+5000 + Information published daily.
24/7 Availability of our platform.


With the Grydl Analytics web platform:

Time saving

Save time by monitoring all blockchain information in one place.

Simple to use

Get relevant information by creating your own personalized news feeds.


Act on critical information by rapidly discovering unexpected correlations.



With our intuitive analytics platform, getting relevant blockchain information has never been easier.

Create personalized dashboards

Find information that is most relevant to you first by adding your own filter modules to your personal dashboard (Ex.- Filter by Crypto Name, Source, Enterprise, Exchange, Price, and more)

Get the latest search results

Our powerful search engine instantly compiles all information published related to your search keywords in your selected date range. .

Discover valuable correlations

Our algorithm ensures that all information collected in your personalized filter modules are also related to your searched keywords, allowing you to make smart connections.

Filter and narrow down your search

Need location or enterprise-specific information related to your keyword? With a wide variety of tags in each filter module, you can narrow down your search to get niche information about your desired keyword.



  • One User
  • 2 Dashboard
  • 5 Filters
  • Free Modules


  • Two User
  • Unlimited Dashboard
  • Unlimited Filters
  • All Modules

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