Technical expertise at no initial cost

Are you a startup, project holder, or company running into a hurdle while trying to create an product based on innovative technologies because:

  • You only have the functional skill and looking for experimented Tech Team
  • You have a great idea but don’t have the fund to create your technical product
  • You are an established company, but you don't have the entrepreneurial skills

We assist companies, startups, and project holders quickly creating viable products based on innovative technologies at minimal cost.

Design thinking

Workshop to analyze your idea and design specification

Product development

Design, develop and deploy your solution


Assistance with hiring your long-term Tech Team

Our Technical Expertises

Web3 Blockchain

Web3 (Blockchain)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Big data

+10 + Projects
+8 + Clients
+10 Framework Technologies


With the Grydl :

Fill your technological gap

No need to search a Tech Team

Reduce your risk and cost

Launch your product in 4 months

Pay once you earn money

We share the risk with you


Grydl - Your innovative product at no initial cost

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