Our vision

As a blockchain enthusiast, you often need to search and analyze lots information, such as:

- Blockchain projects that are published every day.
- News on social media or blockchain information websites.
- Cryptocurrency prices and statistics about blockchain projects.

Now, you are desperately seeking some ways to quickly get the right information for your search.

Well, you are not alone, just like you, other blockchain enthusiasts face similar challenges.

Lack of time

Collecting and filtering raw data from all websites takes time.

Programming skills

You need good programming skills to develop a data aggregation system.

Volume of information

Identifying relevant information can be challenging because of the significant amount of data available.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, you can now meet these challenges head on!


Exchange trading hours


Number of different blockchain projects available.


New Blockchain Projects every day

Our product

Our search engine helps blockchain enthusiasts who want to find any information about a blockchain project with significant time saving

How Grydl Analytics works :

  • 1 - We aggregate multiple blockchain websites, cryptocurrency exchanges and social media data from over 2,000 sources.
  • 2 - You query data in real-time to get any specific information or statistics about blockchain projects.
  • 3 - You immediately get the most correct possible information with the help of our artificial intelligence engine specialized in blockchain content.


With Grydl Analytics find all information about any blockchain project in one click.

Our company

We are a new emerging start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland, specializing in the blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

We offer a powerful search engine specialized in blockchain content.

Unlike our competitors : our search engine is specialized in blockchain content and provides you the most correct possible information about any blockchain project.

Our solution

With Grydl Analytics web platform, you can:

Get information on various blockchain projects, such as cryptocurrency price, project team, industry category, ICO price, announcements, charts, partners, and so on...

Filter your results using a simple search bar.

Get the information you really want by using our artificial intelligence engine specialized in blockchain content.


Time Saving

Aggregation of multiple sources

Simple to Use

With a simple search bar


Artificial intelligence specialized in blockchain content

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